L'Chaim Solly

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L’Chaim! To Life!
Survivors Legacy Challenge
Established in Memory of Solly Irving z”l

JRoots has taken over 12,000 young Jews from across the communal spectrum, on educational journeys to Poland in recent years. Research attests to these experiences being amongst the most powerful, inspiring and enduring sources of Jewish inspiration many participants have ever had. They encompass the values held so dearly by Solly - a deep connection with Jewish identity, with Israel and with the shouldering of responsibility to make our world a kinder and better place.

In order to ensure that this ongoing connection, commitment and education continues after the trip, we are establishing an annual Survivors Legacy Challenge in the form of a competition open to all JRoots Jewish Journeys participants under age 30. It will challenge students to submit works that reflect their thoughts, feelings, decisions and aspirations in the form of art, prose, poetry, music, sculpture and photography against the backdrop of their JRoots educational experience in Poland. There will be a high calibre international panel of judges sitting alongside the Family to decide which submissions most reflect the theme - “Visit the Past - Reflect on the Present - Ensure the Future.” In order to attract and encourage maximum involvement amongst students as they reflect and integrate their experience, we will gift a small yet meaningful award to all entrants, with top winners receiving high value and well publicised prestigious prizes.

We are confident that the attractiveness of the L’Chaim Survivors Challenge competition and the prizes offered will encourage serious investment of time, effort and creativity amongst students of all backgrounds. This will in turn ensure the quality and quantity of applications, in addition to a growing collection and repository of creative educational works that will thereby ensure the legacy of the Survivor generation and their commitment to Life!

We invite you to join us by donating in memory of Solly to the “L’Chaim- To Life!” Survivors Legacy Challenge Fund established in memory of Solly Irving zl. This will be a ring-fenced fund administered by JRoots for this purpose only.

For further infomation please contact lchaimsolly@jroots.org

May we only share simchas and ensure together that the future that our grandchildren share shall be a more beautiful one than Solly’s generation had to endure. Thank you